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    >> Composite Materials of Fan Blade Division
          Composite materials of fan blade division was founded in 2006, and absorbed and draw on the successful experience of foreign manufacturers extensively, succeeded in solving several major application problems, developed three categories of products independently, including: vacuum molding import category, structure plastic of blades and plastic clothing category. These products not only has good use performance, but be with good stability, products are becoming perfect to pass relevant certification.
          Products Catalog


    Solidify Time (min)


    vacuum molding import category



    1, low viscosity, good process performance;
    2, outstanding performance of composite
    3, high Tg point
    4, good toughness.

    2038 A/B


    2565 A/B


    structure plastic of blades

    8527 A/B

    60applicability period

    1, good bonding force;
    2, outstanding performance of anti-aging properties

    8390 A/B

    120applicability period

    8545 A/B

    30applicability period

    plastic clothing category



    excellent ability to weather changing



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